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Nikon Z7 review: full-frame mirrorless camera

Nikon first entered the professional mirrorless market with the launch of the Z-series. Nikon’s flagship Z7 boasts features that rival the company’s best DSLRs.

Nikon Z7 Overview

The new Z7 has the same sensor as the D850, offers the latest Expeed 6 processor, a 45.7MP backlit full-frame sensor, no optical low-pass filter, more autofocus points, and a stabilization-shift sensor. Nikon has a long track record of delivering excellent cameras, so photographers choosing the Nikon Z7 will experience the highest levels of performance and image quality.

Nikon Z7 reviews

Nikon Z7 design

Nikon Z7 received a very successful case in shape and size. The size and depth of capture make it one of the most comfortable cameras around. At the same time, it is the largest mirrorless full-frame camera on the market.

But, I can’t categorize this as a disadvantage, as it offers a greater degree of usability and most of the controls are within reach. Working with the Z7 is as convenient as with a DSLR. All in all, this is a very compact camera that will appeal to many.

Nikon Z7 design


The device uses a mix of old and new controls. The small LCD screen on top of the Nikon Z7 shows you all the information you need when shooting. There are also standard front and rear dials, and the recognizable on/off switch still surrounds the shutter button.

Nikon Z7 controls

To the left of the viewfinder, the Z7 has a standard mode dial. The button for quick access and mode settings is located on the rear panel, it is used in combination with the main dial. On the surface, this minimal set of controls makes this Nikon camera not quite professional, however, in practice everything works fine.

Nikon Z7 setup

The 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen is hinged for tilt and swivel. There are no elements on the left side of the screen, instead the buttons are located on the top and right. There is a joystick for autofocus, but it takes time to get used to it. On the front panel, next to the lens mount, there are two function https://jiji.ng/cars/toyota-corolla-2007 buttons.