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Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M is a scratch-resistant 4" screen smartphone with 854×480 resolution. Some configurations support two SIM cards. It weighs 115 g and measures 124x62x9 mm. It uses a 1 GHz MSM8227 processor and Adreno 305 graphics core Main camera – 5.0 MP (2592 x 1944 pixels) Front camera 0.3 MP Memory resource: 1 GB RAM; , electronic compass, NFC module.

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Let’s start from the very beginning, in the early 2000s in a short time I changed several cell phones from different manufacturers, in order: Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Sagem, Philips (to call) and finally in early 2004 I got my first Sony Ericsson model I don’t remember anymore. Comparing the functionality of all the above phones in one price range, I became a FA-NAT (everyone has their own opinion, of course) of Sony Ericsson phones and used all phone functions to the fullest: phone, player, organizer (calendar, tasks, notes), calculator tor, internet, camera, applications, games, code memo, etc. (this company was one of the first to have a very good organizer and 5 customizable alarms. Reminders, events and alarm clocks had the function of playing sound (triggering) when the phone is turned off (not to be confused when the sound is muted) (can be turned off if necessary). I was just crazy about this company. I bought it myself and recommended it to everyone. Personally, I would have phones: I don’t remember the first, K750i, W850, the last W995, my wife has W300i, Z710i, W595. My comrades and friends whom I sometimes have a lot of models suggested what functions Sony Ericsson has and sometimes helped set up the Internet, mms, e-mail if necessary, etc. Phones changed not because they were bad, they just updated. Android from 4.0 to 4.1.2 with pre-installed software
software (built-in functions) and in the price range of 9-11 thousand rubles (and I didn’t respect the cellular phones of this company before) (no one had Sony) (and knowing that the Sony Ericsson duet no longer exists, Ericsson’s share was swallowed up by Sony (my attitude to Sony Ericsson phones is described above) although I didn’t hold Sony Ericsson smartphones in my hands, but considering: – progress is moving, I compared the technical characteristics of the same price range from different manufacturers written on the Internet (somewhere my pluses somewhere cons) I decided to buy a Sony XperiaTM M model C1905 (hereinafter referred to as Sony) at a price of 9,990 rubles. I BOUGHT, it is impossible to check the purchase in the store (cool design, colorful display, smart, HD camera is cool, the sound is good.) I really like it. home, all so joyful and happy, I began to study and was completely disappointed with the pre-installed programs, the internal functionality and the quality of the camera (which managers praise so much). at, and the store (connected) does not want to change the sold item (namely, change) even if 16 hours have passed since the purchase. For those who have nothing to compare the phone with, it can be called normal, but I have something to compare it with. Now, in order, what I wanted to see with this phone, and indeed with Sony models in general, I cost 9-11 thousand rubles as a continuation of Sony Ericsson.

I compared the smartphone I bought with Samsung smartphones. For your information: the functions that I did not find on Sony were in Sony Ericsson back in 2005-2007. release, and even on later models at all, Samsung smartphones still have it, but a little worse than the old Sony Ericsson. Sony does not show the contacts located on the SIM card, as well as their number, there is no possibility to edit SIM contacts. Contacts on the SIM card can only be seen when copied to the phone. Also does not show the number of contacts on the device itself. Samsung has these https://jiji.ng/yaba/42-single-room-for-rent features, but the Sony Ericsson models mentioned above had even more features (up to autosaving a number or contact on the phone or SIM and/or asking to save). There is no one-digit speed dialing feature on the phone. When transferring contacts from other phones or smartphones, blocked events or birthdays are incorrectly displayed, for example, 02-Dec-2001 was blocked, 20011202 is displayed without spaces, dots and any hyphens. When transferring from Sony Ericsson to Samsung (and other manufacturers) and vice versa, only the name of the month changes to the number 12/02/2001 and is automatically displayed in the calendar, Samsung’s reminders are shifted to the beginning of the day, but it is. On Sony Ericsson, when entering a birthday in a calendar with a reminder, there is a function
displaying it in a contact, Samsung, on the contrary, when entering a birthday into a contact, has a function of automatically displaying it in the calendar with a reminder. Sony does not have any of these features at all.

Sony Calendar: Weekends are not highlighted in any way. The function of the event (event) without additional designations (stickers) such as event, birthday, or something else. The calendar does not have a year view function, all other phones have it. Samsung calendar: Sundays are highlighted in red, there is a function of events with reminders with a huge number of designations in the form of mini-pictures (stickers), there is a function of tasks with reminders. Sony Ericsson calendar: Saturdays are highlighted in blue Sundays are highlighted in red, there is an event function with reminders with four labels in the form of thumbnails (stickers), there is a task function, though not in the calendar, but on one page, with reminders of a task or a set phone call time with automatic dialing the specified number (contact). It is possible to enable/disable the reminder (events and tasks) when the phone is turned off.

The note-taking feature is available on all phones. On Sony, it is interesting in that you can print and, if you wish, draw, insert sound, photo, map from the Internet, there is the possibility of marking the completion, all notes are flipped on one widget without the possibility of adding two or more widgets to the screen at the same time as on Samsung. Samsung ordinary color printed notes. Sony Ericsson has ordinary text notes with a semi-transparent display and only one. The Sony Ericsson phone had such a function “Code Memo”. You set one code per page and enter any necessary information there – codes, passwords for credit cards, sites, etc. For Samsung, this function can be performed, if necessary, by code protection for notes. Sony does not have such a program. Alarm clocks on Sony are the same as on Sony Ericsson, but again, a little different. There is no function to enable / disable the alarm when the phone is turned off (do not confuse the mute) and some models have a smooth increase in sound. Samsung does not have such a function, but the alarm itself is good.

This Sony Ericsson player saw folders with subfolders and individual audio files when creating a playlist, with the ability to add folders with folders, individual folders, individual tracks – a very handy feature when creating your own playlist. Especially if these are not songs, but audio books (stories, training, etc.). for such functions, selection by tracks, albums and artists is not always suitable. In the case of listening to another audio file not included in the playlist, directly from the folder in which it is located and then starting the player, playback starts from the file that was played last in the playlist before listening to the file not included in the list. On the Sony Walkman, it sees only tracks, albums, artists (there is no folder and not in any form). And when you select files to create a playlist, a list of all audio files (tracks) on the memory card and device is displayed. When playing another audio file that is not included in the playlist, directly from the folder in which it is located and then starting the player, playback of the playlist is lost; you need to find it again and find the file where playback stopped. The Samsung player sees the same as Sony’s Walkman, but also separate folders with audio files that you can add to your playlist and it turns out like Sony Ericsson’s Walkman. And when playing a third-party
file from attachment folder no failure.

When you set your downloaded audio file for an alarm, general call, message (SMS) or contact call, Sony files are output only from the sound settings or settings for contacts, alarms, messages, the list of artists (I will explain if you have 8 folders with audio and you know where to look for the file, then in the case of artists, there can be from eight folders with audio up to 200 folders with artists and naturally it is problematic to search for a specific file (ringtone or other). There is no other way to add audio files for these functions. I also didn’t find an option to set a personal message tone for individual contacts. On Samsung, message tones, general and personal to contacts, can only be set to standard ones (15-20 pieces – gurgles, tweets, peaks …). When setting your own sound file for an alarm clock, a general call, a contact call from the sound settings or contacts settings, alarms, files are selected by opening the folders in which they are located (regardless of the name) (very convenient in the search). It is also possible to set as a signal the saved audio files playable by the player, found by the player itself or found in the storage folder through the explorer and also played by the player. That allows you to immediately set the sound you like to the desired function. Sony Ericsson has all the options for setting audio files for an alarm, general call, message (SMS) or contact call and / or contact message specified by both Sony and Samsung including
adding from the location folder, except for adding a file specifically from the player. Sony does not have a program to turn on the flashlight, you need to download it from the Internet. Sony Ericsson had this feature on all phones with a flash. Samsung, installed by the manufacturer.