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Therefore, I replaced my Carlinkit 2 with a CP-21. And, it seems to me, it happens faster than the previous device.
The main difference of the CP-21 is its alternative mode of operation, which has additional functions. In the external drive mode, despite the fact that it sees folders, everything plays in a row.
By pressing the U-drive button, https://jiji.ng/cars/toyota-echo-2005 you get access to a flash drive or hard drive connected to the device’s USB port. In conclusion, I want to say that I liked the device. But bluetooth on the iPhone must also be enabled. Although it costs more than Carlinkit 2, I think the additional functionality is worth this overpayment. For iPhone, video transfer occurs in full Airplay mode.
On one side is a USB-C connector for connecting to a car. Today I have a novelty on the review, which became a logical continuation – CP-21 and which received several additional, very interesting functions. Now the CP-21 connects to the iPhone in modem mode and the regular iOS mode – wireless CarPlay – is established between them. The video goes without brakes and it works even while driving.
Another interesting feature is PhoneCast. Previously, they connected via bluetooth, and then a connection was established via WiFi.
This mode has its own control interface, the touchscreen also works. The disadvantages include the fact that switching between CarPlay and Media Cast modes is quite long – a couple of minutes.
The CP-21 can play almost all popular audio and video formats. In this mode, the device can cast the smartphone screen to the car system screen. It also allows you to stream video from smartphones to the system screen, such as Youtube or Netflix.
on the other is USB-A.
In the Bluetooth tab, you can connect your phone and listen to music from it, or make calls through the car’s speakerphone.
From the outside, the device looks similar to Carlinkit 2. I want to add one more feature of the device, which for some may be a significant drawback.
As before, this device can turn wired CarPlay, which should be equipped with your car, into wireless. Thank you for your attention, if you have any questions, ask – I will answer in the comments. If earlier USB-A could only be used to connect the phone for charging, now you can connect a USB flash drive or even a hard drive here, and this is one of the main differences, which I will talk about a little later. P.S.
This feature works for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Wireless Apple CarPlay with additional features – CP-21

I have already reviewed the Carlinkit 2 device, which allows you to turn wired Apple CarPlay into wireless.
You can see how it all works in the video. For video, this is not critical, but for music — In order to
to switch to this mode, you need to press the Media Cast button. All CarPlay functions work – speakerphone, steering wheel controls, touchscreen, etc. no questions. I didn’t find how to overcome it, I didn’t manage to create my own playlist either. Those. choose a song from the folder – it plays it, and then in alphabetical order, everything that is on the disk. What is Apple CarPlay and why is it needed, I will not explain, who does not know and who are interested – more details in the review of Carlinkit 2. Connecting to an iPhone is different.